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Practical Room Arrangement

Practical Room Arrangement

Practical Room Arrangement The beauty of living in a dorm room is having the mobility to change your set up around whenever you want! There are various factors to weigh in when brainstorming room arrangements: 1)   Floor space. A dorm room is a small area to work with, so floor space is everything. Having ample floor…

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Stylish Backpacks

Although tote bags are super cute, they don't provide the best support. They're also bulky and inconvenient at times. What's…

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What-To-Wear: Sorority Rush Edition

Are you thinking about rushing a sorority this year? Hopefully this “What Not to Wear Sorority Edition” will help you…

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Dormify Sports

Sports, Sports, Sports

Sports, Sports, Sports.  I may not be the right girl to be talking about this, but I am a champ…

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Build Me Up! Becoming an Upperclassman

Achieving the title of upper-classman is an accomplishment in itself, and with that comes certain responsibilities and expectations.  It’s a…

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DIY: Glittered Tray

With just three supplies (and about $5-8) I was about to make an adorable glittered tray to hold my jewelry!…

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Licitra textbooks

DIY: Dressing Up Drab Textbooks

“Wow, what a stylish textbook,” said no one ever. But wouldn’t it be nice to hear that every once in…

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DIY: Geometric Wall Art

I'm constantly looking for more ways to add color and personality to my dorm room walls. If you do the…

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Dormify Firsts

What Happens Next?

Like any freshman ready to go to college, you're probably Googling all of the things to expect on your first…

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Mail Room

Pen Pal-ooza

“Snail mail", as its name suggests, is generally under-appreciated, but what many people don't realize is that it's fun to…

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