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DIY: Glittered Tray

With just three supplies (and about $5-8) I was about to make an adorable glittered tray to hold my jewelry! This project is SO easy and can be done with so many different items as well.  Be sure to add a pop of color, sparkle, or shimmer to your room with this easy DIY tutorial:…

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Licitra textbooks

DIY: Dressing Up Drab Textbooks

“Wow, what a stylish textbook,” said no one ever. But wouldn’t it be nice to hear that every once in…

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DIY: Geometric Wall Art

I'm constantly looking for more ways to add color and personality to my dorm room walls. If you do the…

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Dormify Firsts

What Happens Next?

Like any freshman ready to go to college, you're probably Googling all of the things to expect on your first…

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Mail Room

Pen Pal-ooza

“Snail mail", as its name suggests, is generally under-appreciated, but what many people don't realize is that it's fun to…

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Untitled picture

Football Frenzy

Football season is in full swing throughout the nation, and for both college and NFL fans, this is the best…

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sun shining through the trees

How To Survive The Heat On Campus

How often do you find yourself trekking across campus to get to class and you realize that you definitely did…

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Dormify Collage Cover

DIY: The Sensational Summer Collage

Ok, so maybe you have been back at school for a few weeks, but is your room still missing something?…

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The Tapestry Touch

Tapestries have become a must-have for college dorm rooms. At school, it can be hard to decorate your walls for…

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Kappa Delta Sorority Line

Lucky you, Lucky me, Lucky to be...a Kay Dee! Dormify has just launched their new Sorority Line and so I…

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