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This Just Isn’t For Me

My best friend just started her freshman year of college and has been really nervous about it. She is leaving her home, friends and family for a whole new world, college. She asked me what she should do if things don’t work out for her at her university. I went through the same thing my freshman…

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In With the Good, Out With the Bad

This fall I am a freshman at the University of Cincinnati. My class is the largest incoming freshman class of…

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The College Discount Cheat Sheet

Being in college can definitely put a strain on your wallet. Everything costs money and it slowly starts adding up…

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Decorating your Door!

This little entryway may seem mundain, but think of it this way. Your door is the first impression your hall…

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DIY: Instagram-Inspired Photo Collage

We all have our social media obsessions. For me, Instragram tops them all. I love taking photos and giving them…

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Freshman Survival Guide: Community Bathrooms

As every college girl knows, dorm bathrooms are definitely not one of the glamorous parts of university life. However, it…

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Too Many T-shirts? Here’s a Life Changing Folding Tutorial

It would be nice to wake up every morning and put on a cute outfit before class but, if we're…

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No More Bare Floors

Icy, hard, and rough--that's a bare dorm room floor for you. As if waking up in the morning wasn't already…

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Do Not Disturb: Finding Privacy in the Dorms

When you move into the dorms as a college freshman, you realize two things. You gain so many friends, but…

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Co-Ed Frat: To Rush or Not to Rush

Leaves changing colors, brisk air, and pumpkin variations finally coming back to our favorite coffee chains, it’s official, fall is…

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