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The Tapestry Touch

Tapestries have become a must-have for college dorm rooms. At school, it can be hard to decorate your walls for many reasons. Often, the walls of dorm rooms are painted cement blocks--not exactly ideal for hanging frames or posters on. Messing with command strips or adhesives can also become a pain if your photos aren't sticking…

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Kappa Delta Sorority Line

Lucky you, Lucky me, Lucky to be...a Kay Dee! Dormify has just launched their new Sorority Line and so I…

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Small Time Sorority – Joining a Sorority at a Small School

I joined a sorority my freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school. I never thought "Greek Life"…

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Not Happy With The Way Your Dorm Turned Out?

So it’s been a few weeks since you moved into school and you’re finally settled in. You’ve made your friends…

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op app

Operation Application

Alright high school seniors, this one is for you guys! Senior year is full of making awesome memories, ruling the…

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This Just Isn’t For Me

My best friend just started her freshman year of college and has been really nervous about it. She is leaving…

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In With the Good, Out With the Bad

This fall I am a freshman at the University of Cincinnati. My class is the largest incoming freshman class of…

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The College Discount Cheat Sheet

Being in college can definitely put a strain on your wallet. Everything costs money and it slowly starts adding up…

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Decorating your Door!

This little entryway may seem mundain, but think of it this way. Your door is the first impression your hall…

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DIY: Instagram-Inspired Photo Collage

We all have our social media obsessions. For me, Instragram tops them all. I love taking photos and giving them…

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