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No More Bare Floors

Icy, hard, and rough--that's a bare dorm room floor for you. As if waking up in the morning wasn't already hard enough, the chill of stepping your foot on the cold floor is almost too much to handle. There's no need to stress, because there is a cure for this first-world ailment--a rug! Not only will…

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Do Not Disturb: Finding Privacy in the Dorms

When you move into the dorms as a college freshman, you realize two things. You gain so many friends, but…

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Co-Ed Frat: To Rush or Not to Rush

Leaves changing colors, brisk air, and pumpkin variations finally coming back to our favorite coffee chains, it’s official, fall is…

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DIY: Floral Canvas Wall Art

Hi Ladies! I hope you all have been enjoying another fabulous year back on campus!! This summer, I decided to…

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Dormify_Indie Cred Pillow

Dare to Be Bold?

This year's popular fashion trend of color blocking is not just for your wardrobe. This colorful idea can be applied…

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Many Ways to Use Mason Jars

Storage and the Mason jar. Nail polish now can be stored in a fashionable way. Keeping your nail polish in…

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Avoiding Accumulation and Clutter

We've all done it. We're all guilty. In the end, we are all hoarders. We add and we add and…

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Bring Your Style to Your Sorority House

Congratulations to all the new freshmen for moving in to college for the first time and surviving their first few…

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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Walking into my dorm on move in day I was overwhelmed by the white walls surrounding me, this was my…

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Tips to Prepare for College from College Prowler

Freshman year is almost here. But before you start your first semester of college, typically your school of choice welcomes…

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