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One Rooms Fits All

In a dorm room you often have to work, sleep, eat and entertain in a single, versatile space. 1. Tidiness is key in a small space. Get in the habit of cleaning and organizing. As much as possible use storage to keep items out of view for an uncluttered look. Large bins stylishly store books and…

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Sorority Recruitment from the Other Side

Well, you did the whole recruitment thing from the new-member side.  You think back to your experience: spending hours choosing…

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DIY: Pinning your Pictures

DIY: Pinning your Pictures

With school just around the corner, I can’t think of any better way to wind down my summer then by…

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How To: Mocktail Your Nerves Away

The first week of your freshman year at college can be stressful all around. You've left your home and your…

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Finding Your A+ Agenda

Hey, guys! So let me just start out this post with a preface of my love for school supplies. Yes…

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dECOrating: How to Save the Planet While Decorating

In deciding between the variety of options in stashing and styling your dorm room, having criteria for how to choose…

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To the Window to the Wall

Nothing can make a chic dorm room fail like blank walls. You might have the cushiest, most darling bed set…

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Desk-orating: Make your desk cute AND functional

The most important thing in your dorm (aside from your bed, of course!) is going to be your desk. So…

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The Best DIY Projects for College Apartments

Some of us have left freshman year behind and have also simultaneously left dorm life behind. Getting an apartment after…

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Avoiding the Freshman 15

You’re probably just getting settled in to college and if you haven’t already you will be soon.  With moving into…

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