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Girls’ Night: Surviving the Madness Together

Now that school is officially here and I am reunited with my best gals, we are preparing for our first Girls' Night of the year. A Girls' Night is the perfect way to catch up after a long summer apart and is an even better distraction from the daily grind of class and student organization meetings…

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Showcase Your Style

Like shopping? Are you one of those people who hold on to those cute bags you get? Well instead of…

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Jewelry Display

Unique Jewelry Displays

Who else is sick of the simple ways to display jewelry? Stands, jewelry boxes, drawers- they all rub me…

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DIY Glitter Mason Jar

What girl doesn't love glitter? I know I do! This Dormify It Yourself project is easy enough and you have the…

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10 Super Foods to Eat in your Dorm Room (that beat Ramen!)

Eating healthy in college can be a challenge, especially when you are using a meal plan, and don’t have a…

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Dormify and Pink Palm Event August 7, 2013 016_featured

Wardrobe to Walls: A Dormify Shopping Event

As move-in day approaches, college students everywhere are preparing to head back to school in style. For many, that not…

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Get organized photo

Get Organized: Study Skills and Scheduling for a Busy College Girl

It’s that time of year again! As campuses begin to fill up with students and classes get underway, many a…

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Facebook Coversation

5 Questions To Ask Your Roommate Before Crossing a Line

Living with a roommate can be complicated. You might stay up past midnight, while she goes to sleep at 8…

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How to Make a Coffee Treat in Your Dorm

While having early morning classes can free up the rest of your day, sometimes waking up just seems impossible—especially after…

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So You’re All Moved In…Now What?

You’ve had a countdown for move-in day since you received your acceptance letter in the mail. You’ve been shopping for…

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