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So You’re All Moved In…Now What?

You’ve had a countdown for move-in day since you received your acceptance letter in the mail. You’ve been shopping for what feels like years, and you don’t think you could spend another minute debating which bedding is your favorite. Move-in day has finally arrived. It’s a flurry of excitement and stress, with your parents running circles…

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The Value of Sleep

College is notorious for "all-nighters". Some students have to spend the night before an exam cramming in the library because…

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Making Exercise Look Fabulous

Exercise should be an important part of your life, but with everything going on, sometimes it can be hard to…

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Show Your Bathroom Some Love!

Ah yes, the bathroom. When one makes the transition from the community bathroom of freshman dorm days to the privacy…

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10 Hacks for Getting Around Your Dorm’s Drabness

 Figuring out how to make your teensy-tiny dorm room into a fab living space that you'll want to show off…

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Dorm Beauty Essential: Nicole By OPI’s Modern Family Nail Polish Collection

 America's funniest family is about to take over college girls' dorm rooms this season! (Well, they are about to take…

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Flower Power

A study by Rutgers University indicates that flowers may be worth more than we think. While flowers are a great…

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How To: Transition into Your First Week in College

It's that time again- back to school! Can you believe it? This summer has really flown by! For many of…

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Six Signs You’ve Packed Too Much

If you’re like me, you have a bad habit of over packing. I always bring way too many things with…

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Creating a Summer Clothing Swap

Not only is the school year creeping up on us, but so are the fall fashions! All those rich auburns…

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