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How To: Transition into Your First Week in College

It's that time again- back to school! Can you believe it? This summer has really flown by! For many of you, this is the time where you are preparing to return back to campus- and are very excited to start another memorable year. Yet, there are others of you who are leaving home for the first…

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Six Signs You’ve Packed Too Much

If you’re like me, you have a bad habit of over packing. I always bring way too many things with…

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Creating a Summer Clothing Swap

Not only is the school year creeping up on us, but so are the fall fashions! All those rich auburns…

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DFY by Dormify: The Inside Scoop

As we get ready to launch our brand new sorority line this fall (which, BTW, is amaaaazing), we're giving you…

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DIY: (No Sew) Silhouette Pillow

August is here, and that means move-in-day is fast approaching! Sometimes after planning, moving in, and unpacking, your dorm room…

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Hangout Lighting

Setting the Mood in Your Room with Lighting

When I moved into my dorm room last September, I was ecstatic. It was MY room, MY space and MY…

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DIY: Monogram Door Tags

I hate to say it, but summer is coming to an end, and many of you are going back to…

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Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.32.19 PM

Arden Floral Print Inspiration

  Arden Floral is Dormify's hot new print that can be found on our new bedding and shower curtains.  1.Were…

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Healing Homesickness from Your Room

Last time, I discussed bringing childhood memories to college with you. This post goes into further detail on an important…

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DIY: “Map Out” Your Space

Hey, guys! In this post I'm going to give you all some great (and really easy) DIY ideas that will…

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