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What I Did and Didn’t Need At College

As I packed up my freshman dorm room to leave for the summer, I had one thought running through my head - "I own way to much stuff!" Between what I had packed to come to college, the sorority gear I acquired, and the useless "because it was on sale" purchases, I managed to fill an…

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You Didn’t Rush, Now What?

Hello Dormify-ers! That time of year is approaching us yet again: sorority recruitment is about to begin! Traditionally, freshmen students…

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New Beginnings

Hello everyone and welcome to my Style Advisor Blog! First of all, I would like to thank Dormify for this…

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Room Reversal: Accessories Edition

How do you usually go about decorating your dorm room? I always pick out the perfect set of bedding and…

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Jewelry Galore

Whether you shop on the clearance rack or you decide to pay a price for beauty, I know many fashionistas…

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DIY: Summer Tribal Nails

The summer time is a perfect time to show off your creativity! Many people are finally completing the DIYs for…

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DIY: Chevron Monogram

"If it's not moving - monogram it." - Reese Witherspoon After seeing a ton of different monogram crafts on Pinterest…

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Small Space Fresheners

Look under anyone's kitchen sink and you'll see at least one can of air freshener. However, those store bought fresheners…

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Intern Style on a Budget

The summer is here and many people are settling into their dream internship but have no idea what to wear…

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Bathroom Revival

There are plenty of perks to being a upperclassman: you know your campus like the back of your hand, you’ve…

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