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Intern Style on a Budget

The summer is here and many people are settling into their dream internship but have no idea what to wear. Since most internships are non-paid, it is not always practical or possible to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes. To make perfecting my internship wardrobe easier and cheaper, I am a frequent "thrift-er" at stores…

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Bathroom Revival

There are plenty of perks to being a upperclassman: you know your campus like the back of your hand, you’ve…

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Dealing with the “Perfect” Roommate

So you found the perfect roommate … now what? It’s important to discuss TV schedules, class schedules, and study habits…

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How to: Balance Rush and School

Are you starting to get overwhelmed at the thought of starting school again? I know I am! Summer is whizzing…

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Accessorize Your Technology

Laptops, tablets, MacBooks. All of these are great if you can incorporate them into your dorm style. If you have…

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DIY Drawer Knob Jewelry Hanger

Materials. Wood plank; drill; acrylic paint; paint brush; drawer pulls/knobs; rotary saw (optional*) Step one. Mark and drill holes…

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Capturing Summer Memories

The last few months before college are so fun-filled and fast, that it’s hard to capture all the great memories…

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A New Spin On Magnets

One thing that hardly ever crosses your mind when planning to add your style to your dorm/apartment is what to…

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Summer Head to Toe Trends

         Nail artists these days are creating exciting new patterns and trends for the summer. These featured…

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take note

DIY: Personalized Post-It Notes

I can't be the only one out there who wouldn't survive without sticky notes. I leave notes to myself around…

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