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Rags to Rugs

While browsing Pinterest, I came across a bath mat made out of live moss that soaks up and thrives on the water drops that would otherwise hit the floor. While cool in theory, I get the feeling that it might not go over too well with the roommates. But it certainly got me thinking about other…

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Perks of Being an Orientation Leader

The Perks of Being an Orientation Leader

When I first came to college I was one of the students that was too afraid to talk to anyone…

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Crafting with canvases

Summer Crafternoons

The Dog Days of Summer are here, and as the sun has lingered in the sky longer, the days have…

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‘Merica Madness

 ‘Tis the season to wave that sparkler around in your new American flag shorts, and devour that hot dog like…

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DIY: Bling Ring Box

After seeing the new Sofia Coppola film, The Bling Ring, I’m feeling inspired to do some serious revamping of my…

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The Event of the Summer: My Dormify Trunk Show

On Thursday, June 27th, I had the opportunity to host my own Dormify Trunk Show! This summer, students and Dormify…

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Take the “Bore” out of Headboard

Stylish headboards can be expensive, but there are many DIY options out there to make your dream bedroom a reality…

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How to: Translate your Fashion Sense into your Interior Design Sense

Decorating your dorm room can seem overwhelming. There are so many different paths to take when choosing how to design…

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Stars, Stripes & S’mores: DIY Your 4th of July

Whether you're on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in-between, the 4th of July encompasses all of our favorite…

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Unleash Your Creativity By Helping Others

Last summer, I looked for a new way to make friends and get a few volunteer hours before college. I…

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