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Luxe it Up!

Luxury, investment and opulent. These are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect apartment or dorm living environment. When the moment comes to move off campus, into a new dorm or maybe just a bigger space, there comes a time to reevaluate the type of furniture you’ll be taking with you. There are important pieces to…

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How To Personalize Your Dorm Room

One of the major goals people aim to accomplish in their college experience, other than to do well academically and…

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How To Survive as Sorority President

I am currently in my first semester as president of my chapter at Lehigh. Presidency is something people imagine to…

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Stylights: Out with the Old, In with the New

Hello all you Dormify lovers! There are very exciting things on the horizon here at Dormify, starting with the launch…

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Sharpe Wooden Surfaces

DIY: 10 Sharpie Projects

DIY Sharpie Projects are the most cost-efficient decorating method known to college students. While the different projects may vary in…

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The Upgrade: Moving Into a Single

After living in a forced triple in my sorority house, getting to move into a single should be the most…

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How to stay healthy, even when your roommate doesn’t!

Everyone is just as scared as I was of the dreaded "freshmen fifteen". I'm guilty of it. By October of…

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DIY lemons

DIY: Fruit Prints

Looking for a simple spring print compatible with any living space and any budget? Try DIY Fruit Prints! This new…

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dollar cover

Spring Fun For Only 3 Dollars (Or Less)

Spring is my favorite season; the weather begins to warm, spring break is a much-needed week of fun, and summer…

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Career Fairs 101

Roughly nce or twice a semester you may get bombarded with emails from your campus' career center advertising the annual…

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