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Summer Internships

If you haven't already found one, do not fret -- it's not too late! I just begin my internship search a couple weeks ago and have some advice to give. Don't wait for job listings, make the first move. Sure, they may not have a job listings on their employment page, but that doesn't mean they're not…

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Blue Jays Always

Get Involved and Stay Connected!

The connection to your college does not end with graduation. Staying connected will not only enrich your life, but will…

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Dormify Clue Feature

How to: Give Your Little an Awesome Clue Week!

This is a shout out to all you potential Bigs out there! I know that the school year has just…

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DIY for Dummies

DIY: Hanging Earring Organizer

Do it yourself projects have become increasingly popular among children and adults. Some of them you can even do in…

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Featured Image

Six Dormify Products I’m Obsessed With

Summer is here and I could not be more excited about it! It's finally time to spend time with friends…

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With the school year finally completed, basking in the sun and enjoying summertime were the only thoughts on my mind. …

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8tracks 1

From 8tracks to 8-packs

 Sick of your workout playlist dated back to the early 2000s? Haven’t had time to update your iTunes library in…

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Summer’s here! Now what?

All hail summer, even for us in Canada! Well, at least it’s arrived for college students, so perhaps this article…

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Study Abroad: Lessons Learned

Everyone always said that studying abroad is a life changing experience. I did not believe this was even possible. It…

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lovely-painting-little-girls-room-ideas (1)

All in the Details

Moving into a new place as you have just graduated? If so, are you ready to take on the challenge to…

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