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All in the Details

Moving into a new place as you have just graduated? If so, are you ready to take on the challenge to start from scratch and decorate your new living space?  Whether it is a house or an apartment, styling a space may seem like quite the task but with a blank canvas, there are so many possibilities. I say…

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DIY Daisy Crown

Over the past couple weeks, there have been two major things that I have been counting down the days for…

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DIY: Summer-Inspired Décor

Looking for some quick and simple ways to personalize your dorm or apartment and make it a prettier place? Dreaming…

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Let’s Talk Rugs

One of the things that should be a necessity on your college dorm checklist is a rug. They are fashionable…

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Floor 2

Making a Large School Feel Small

56,387. That’s how many students were enrolled at Ohio State’s campus my freshman year. My graduating class in high school…

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College orientation: What to know and expect

Last year around this time I attended freshman orientation at West Virginia University.  At first, being thrown into a situation…

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work out

Road to Positivity: Feeling Fabulous through Fitness

Nothing compares to the natural high obtained by a satisfying work out. Getting involved with the school wellness center or…

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shopping around campus

Off to college in style!

College for some freshman can be a huge transition. Whether it be missing your home or the decorated room you've…

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summer adventure

Sorority Pic In the Sand

Every year when finals are over the first thing that is on my mind is packing my suitcase and hitting…

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shopping around campus

Accessorizing with LBDs

Visionary fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over- or under-dressed with a little black dress.”  I for…

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