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Don’t Gain the “15…” Ways to Snack Smart

 We are all aware of that dreaded “Freshman 15” that we hear about. Everywhere we go, it’s “Make sure you don’t gain the Freshman 15!” or “Watch out for those all you can eat dining halls- that’s how you gain the Freshman 15!” What people don’t ever tell us, however, is how to stave off this…

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Tracks (Travel Post Photo)

Easy Packing Tips for a Weekend Away

With my boyfriend and my family living two hours away I travel a lot up and down the I-95 corridor…

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The Airport Rodeo

I’ve been on five airplanes in the past 10 days. While that’s not much for some people, for a former…

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Changing Times

High School Seniors: Confronting change in college

Humans are largely creatures of habit. We are lovers of routine, of the predictable—we are lovers of what is safe…

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Stylights: Study in Style

With only about a month (or less!) of classes left for most schools, we can all finally start getting excited…

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DIY: Floral Canvas Shoes

Patterns are extremely stylish for spring and summer this year. From pants to sneakers, you can find cute prints on…

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The Do’s and Don’t of Dorm Decorating

As millions of high school seniors start intricately planning out their college dorm room on pinterest and making lists of…

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Rethinking Greek

I didn't want to join a sorority when I came to college. I pictured it as something out of a…

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What Your Bedding Says About You

Every morning we get up out of bed and face the day then hop right back into bed at the…

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DIY: Clothesline? More Like Photoline

Tired of boring photo displays on your wall? Gain some inspiration from old fashioned clotheslines in this fun DIY that will look…

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