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large and long mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the Wall(s)

When agreeing to go away to college, you often agree to living in a smaller space. Dorm rooms and apartments can often feel crammed and small, considering the ratio of stuff to space, which certainly doesn't help considering the other stresses we as students feel.  Sure, you can try and throw out everything not deemed as…

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School decisions feature image

Looking back: how my rejection letters helped me

I’m sure some of you have read the recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by high school senior…

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Pattern Desk

DIY: Patterned Furniture

Recently I've been obsessing over patterns and color.  Not only am I a huge fan of the chevron trend the…

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Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint: A Girl’s Best Friend

Whether it's time for big/little week and your making gifts for your little, or your intramural team needs to decorate…

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DIY: Wine Bottle Lamp

This great DIY project is not only quick and easy, but the possibilities of illuminating your room, bathroom, or outdoor…

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And Let There Be Light

I've realized that my attitude is reflected directly from my room. During the summer, when there is a vast amount…

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Organize your Vanity

I don't know about you, but my vanity is one of the things I just can not keep clean in…

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Going Home on Weekends

Sometimes it's hard when you're living so close to school to go home, to just escape from college and be…

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Stylights: Decisions, Decisions

I don't know about you, but I couldn't be happier that the sun is finally coming out of hiding. It's…

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Beauty on a Budget!

It's the middle of second semester and almost everyone is low on cash because of spring break. BUT summer is…

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