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Lovin’ Lilly Letters

Having trouble thinking of easy decorations for your dorm room, apartment, or house? Need a cute gift to give to your little for your sorority's clue week? Struggling to think of the perfect birthday present for your friend that is affordable for your college student budget? Here's an idea involving only a few supplies that is…

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Social Media Success

Most of the time, our parents, professors, and mentors are always telling us to go back to the ways of…

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How to give your room the perfect personal touches

When it comes to decorating my room at school, I like to have a lot of things that remind me…

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Showing School Spirit in Your Room

Love your school? Do you love it so much you want that passion to show in your room’s décor? If…

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Spring Cleaning: Getting Ahead

The amount of items in my dorm room has probably tripled since I've been at school. It seems like every…

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Transform Your T-Shirts!

Ever feel like your life is the ultimate source for accumulating t-shirts?! Because I do! After going to camp for…

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Mug Meals: 10 minutes, 5 ingredients, 4 recipes to try NOW!

College food isn't always the best, and it certainly doesn't taste like home. And sometimes, you just can't leave your…

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DIY: Bracelet Making

Hi everyone! About four years ago I went on vacation to Jamaica and I learned an extremely easy way to…

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Turn Your Hobby into a Business

We're college students, so we could all use a little extra cash, right? Of course! I recently started selling my…

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Map Your World

On Pinterest, there have been many ideas where you take a world map, close your eyes, and then pin your…

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