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DIY: No Dorm TV? No Problem!

Televisions in your dorm room can often times be distracting when you are trying to study  or get work done! Many college students choose not to have them in order to keep ahead on their school work and not be tempted to watch The Bachelor every Monday night :) But every once in a while, you…

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The Eternal City: A College Girl’s Guide to Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful and intriguing historical cities in the world, and after living here for about…

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College Admissions copy

So you got your college acceptance letter…

What now? Apart from actually submitting the application, receiving college acceptance letters is the most nerve-wracking part of the application…

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Internship Search: Abroad Edition

 So you're in Italy! Or England, or China, or South Africa, or Costa Rica. Or somewhere equally exciting. Being…

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How to Coordinate with Your Roommate Without Matching Exactly!

It's always stressful moving to a new place. But it's even harder when you are going to have another person…

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Jonathan Adler: Pet Decor for Your Dorm

Bringing a pet to college comes with a lot of responsibility and fun. One particular challenge I faced was finding…

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Spring Break Alternatives

Anyone remember those Spring Break beach parties you could watch on MTV? Really big, half melted fudgsicles? Rihanna's Pon De…

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Re-usable phone case!

Ever loved how a phone case fits your phone but didn't like how scratched up it's gotten from the various…

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Clean Up Your Desk!

As a writer, one of the most vital aspects of my apartment is my work space: the desk. For me…

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Essentials for your Craft Box

While shopping for items for your dorm room, stopping to pick up arts and crafts supplies might not be your…

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