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New Resolutions

Many people say that it is cliche to make New Year's resolutions because it's just another day, another tomorrow for you to continue the same patterns. But for me, as sentimental as I am, I always take the changing of the year to really reflect on everything that happened the past year and recognize what I…

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Spring Into the New Semester in Style!

I hope all of you had lovely holidays! Now that the winter break has passed, and most of us are…

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Pitch yourself online

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media tools that individuals and many companies use to either…

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dorm wall

Change the old, Make Something Look New- Picture Frames!

With a new year upon us, many people choose to have a "fresh start". While some prefer to make new…

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planner 3

How To: Prep Yourself for Second Semester

Welcome back to campus and hello to 2013! I know many of us, including myself, wishes break lasted just a…

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Dorm Room

DIY: Keep Your Duvet Cover In Place

Are you tired of waking up to your duvet in a little ball in the bottom of your duvet cover?…

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New Year

New year, no promises: Breaking down resolutions

Making promises is always much more exciting than the task of keeping them. And that statement rings even truer at…

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Different Wall Decor

Make your (dorm) room stand out by avoiding cliche' posters and making your walls POP!  1. Darling Decals. One of Dormify's…

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Getting over the post-holiday blues

Lights are coming off the lamp posts in shopping centers, trees are being undressed and taken down, and people are…

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dream home

Dream Home

I recently visited the Dream Home exhibit at the Washington Design Center and was blown away by what a little…

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