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Up Your Lounge Game

Wooden furniture never screams fashionable or comfortable. And the limited amount of space and seating can prevent you from having friends over for a movie night or study session, but Dormify solves the problem by stocking up on great lounge seating. The quintessential dorm room comes furnished with a bed, a dresser, a desk, and a…

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Bring Paradise to Your Dorm

After months of cold weather, most of us can say that we’re ready for some sunshine! Luckily, Dormify can help…

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Stylights: Be Our Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Whether you are in to today or not, we've got some exciting Dormify news to share…

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Sticky Note Inspiration

Random Acts of Kindness- Dormify Edition

Sometimes the long, work-filled days of college life can get you really feeling blue. But with the National Random Acts…

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Valentines Day On a Budget

All college students know that there's not much wiggle room when it comes to spending extra cash, and Valentines day…

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Red Carpet Trends: All Things Metallic and Red!

Shine bright & smolder this Valentines Day, whether it may be going out on a hot date, to a girls’…

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Morning Boost Smoothie!

  With spring around the corner and all the amazing dresses my favorite stores are starting to debut, health…

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DIY: How to make monogram stickers

Chances are if you're in a sorority or in college, you know what a monogram is. If not, a monogram…

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Stylights: New and Now

Big things are happening this week over at Dormify. We're unrolling too many new products to count, all in the…

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DIY Fringe Banner!

  Let's be honest, dorm rooms aren't always the cutest. The walls are usually stark white, the furniture generally a…

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