Fashion forward celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie have paved the way for the boho trend. From the high wedges and beaded sandals, to the lacey tops and feather earrings, they embody it. But if you are not on the same caliber as these lovely ladies, you will find that the easiest piece is the bracelet.


The most influential of the arm candy includes a wrist full of 3 to 10 friendship bracelets that add a fun and care-free attitude to your wardrobe. The best part is that they don’t all have to be the same, which allows the trend to fit your own personality. If you want, you can include one bold bracelet in the mix, or design your own with friends to make your collection more unique.


 When it comes to girl’s night out, you want to touch up your glam outfit with an unexpected factor. Add a bold, chunky tribal bracelet to heighten the chic in your outfit. This style works for an everyday look when you don’t want to have on a lot of jewelry. However, it looks amazing when you pair a bold color to your ensemble of sequins and neutral colors for a boho glam look.


You can take that chunky bracelet style to a whole other level when you pack a layer of bracelets all the way up to your arm. This style is somewhat tricky because you want to look trendy and stand out without looking like you tried too hard and put a whole bunch of colors together. Just choose your outfit first, and then look for bracelets that match. Also, include some accent colors that can add a little “pop” to your outfit.