Whenever I think about a backpack, I hear in the back of my mind: “Don’t call it a come back / I’ve been here for years.” Those lyrics from the iconic track, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J, describes a backpack perfectly.  If you are a girl, you probably forgot about the backpack.  When you realized what you had on your JanSport backpack and realized how uncool it was, you immediately traded it in for a tote or a bookbag.  You wanted something to show that you are not only academic, but stylish too.

Now if you look at the latest trend of awesome backpacks, you can see their functionality and their appeal!  Not to mention, in terms of bags and books, the backpack is going to offer you the most support as you hustle to class.  But what to get?  Hopefully this style guide will help you out!

Staple Piece: Flowing Maxi Skirt 

Your backpack: Menches, Aldo, $50

Staple Piece: Chunky stacking necklace or stunning clutch

Your backpack: Schwartze, Also, $45


Staple Piece: Gym/Running Shoes or Blue Jeans

Your backpack:  Girls Transit Pack by Dakine, Athleta, $35


Staple Piece: Basic white tee

Your backpack: Distressed Backpack, Forever 21, $34.50


Staple Piece: Vintage oxford flats from mom

Your backpack:  Studio Legacy Leather Backpack, Coach, $258

Staple Piece: So So Happy tee

Your backpack: Hello Kitty Bow Backpack, Urban Outfitters, $59

Remember, don’t call it a come back, the backpack has been around for years; by the looks of things, it’s not going anywhere!