If you are reading this article then you are probably already fashion-savvy or at least care about style and design.  Ever since I received an iPod for Christmas, I make a game out of discovering apps for any and every subject or category. When scouring the App Market for fashion forward and design apps, I came across quite a few that any college fashionista would rave about.

Since already owning the app for Lookbook, which gives you access to the website’s constantly updated photo archive of fashion forward individuals from all over the world, I turned to look for apps that stem from other types of media, such as television. When Fashion Network Original and Fashion Police showed up on my screen, I knew I was in the right place.

With Fashion Police covering the have and have not’s of celebrity street fashion and red carpet event looks, a girl can’t go wrong. Then in swoops Fashion Network Original with updates about any and all things fashion on the runways. Lastly, for the girl that never knows what to wear, BFF Best Fashion Friend is the app for you. It allows you to upload photos of your outfit for the day or separate pieces into the app to help create looks with the assistance of your best girlfriends. Being able to reference them in a fashion emergency is a tool every girl needs.


On the design side of college fashion, the App Market provides DecorPad-Interior Design, the perfect dorm or apartment design app. It is a mixture of Lookbook and a home goods store all in one. You can browse sample rooms for inspiration, paint samples and organization tips. There is also a built-in section for you to find the most cost efficient supplies and tactics for redecorating your room.

Last, but not least, is the Dormify app! All of the shopping fun of the Dormify website is now in a bite-sized app. It features all the specialized sorority bedding and décor, as well as the quirky gifts, tools and poster prints that Dormify is known for.

As your Style Advisor, I am advising all of you to get out your Androids, iPhones or other smartphones and download these useful free apps. As the years go by and technology evolves; so does style. Why not let them evolve together?