It’s that time of year where your schedules are crammed with Prom, graduation, finals, and graduation parties. During the end of my senior year it seemed as if I was hopping from at least three graduation parties every weekend! While you are so busy I thought I would share some creative gift ideas that you can use as grad gifts. Why not give your friends something that they can use and when they use it, they will always think of you!

1. If you have a small group of best friends that you are willing to spend a little bit more on, you can do something together. An idea for this would be a bracelet or necklace that is all the same, so that while you are all going your separate ways you can wear it and think of each other!

2. Another idea are these great earbuds. This may sound like a silly gift but how often do you walk to class with your ipod? Or use your ipod at the gym? Or even to skype your friends in the library? Fun earbuds are cute and a great graduation gift!

3. One of my personal favorites is the dorm room survival kit. All of your friends who are attending college in the fall are going to need the adjustment of living on their own. What better way to send them off then with the dorm room survival kit.

4. For girls, a great fun gift idea are the footzy rolls. A pair of ballet flats that roll up right into your bag so that after a long night of dancing with friends you won’t have to trek back to your dorm in your heels. Your friends will be thanking you when they have those to slip on at night!

5. For my friends, I got them each a towel wrap and I framed a cute picture of all of us and I still get compliments (three years later) on what a great idea that was. When you have to walk down the hallway with your shower caddy or you just want to get ready wearing your towel wrap it is cozy and the perfect gift for girls going away to college.

Whatever gift you decide to give your friends, it is the thought that counts! All of these ideas can be found on, so check them out!