Although we all would love to look our best everyday, too frequently do we hit the snooze button and oversleep then forced to realize we only have 15 minutes to brush our teeth, throw on clothes and run to our 10 a.m. class. With only minutes to think and plan an outfit, most college students usually stick to their pajamas, throw on a sweatshirt and run out the door without a care in the world. However, many of us cringe at the sight of people walking around campus in old flannels and dirty T-shirts. Even if you sleep in with minutes to spare, here is my advice to still look good and make it to class on time.

1. Try to lay out an outfit the night before. If you put an outfit aside for the next day right before you go to bed, you will waste no time in the morning getting ready because you won’t have to sit and stare into the tiny dorm closet searching for an outfit. This step is probably the easiest and advantageous task you could do to help your mornings run much easier.

2. Have staple pieces that you know will always look good, no matter what. Staple pieces such as your favorite pair of jeans, a simple white v-neck or even colorful scarves can help you quickly tie together an outfit that you know without a doubt will look good. Scarves are very easy and always add more personality to the basic white v-neck and your outfit.

3. Dresses are the easiest piece of clothing. Try and invest in some casual and comfortable dresses if you do not already have some that you can throw on in the morning. Dresses always make you look put together, and you also will look like you have put a lot of effort into your outfit.

4. Sperry’s look good with everything. Sperry’s are not only cute shoes but also are comfortable, durable and really can be paired with any outfit. I definitely would recommend a basic pair of tan Sperry’s to help you get around campus while still looking good.

5. Nude flats also look good with everything. If you’re not into the preppy look that Sperry’s usually go with, make sure you have a pair of comfortable, nude¬†flats to walk around campus with. These shoes can always be a backup when you’re scrambling to get ready in the morning.

While those tips can make your rough mornings a little easier, make sure you avoid the following 3 items if you are trying to make it to class on time while still looking presentable and stylish.

1. Save the yoga pants for the gym. Yoga pants are probably the easiest and coziest thing to throw on in the morning, but the tight material is not the most flattering and should always only be worn in the gym. Stick to your favorite pair of jeans over the yoga pants.

2. Pajamas are not an outfit! Do not try to dress up your pj’s, because you can never ever justify wearing flannels as a part of an actual outfit. Changing from your old flannels into jeans or shorts takes less than a minute.

3. Avoid the big, college sweatshirt. Every rising college freshman always buys a sweatshirt from their new college as soon as they get accepted, so don’t let this sweatshirt be your saving grace and staple piece every time you oversleep. It is probably easier and more comfortable to throw on a new T-shirt instead of your sweatshirt in the middle of summer at school…

Though there is no dress code at college and people really do not care if you show up to class in your pajamas everyday, it is very easy to still dress with personality and style even when you wake up with minutes until class begins. Use these do’s and don’t s to help you still stay stylish while you still make the grade.