Okay, so I’ll admit I’m extremely picky when it comes to bedding. It honestly takes me multitudes of shopping trips to finally find something I ‘kind of’ like… but recently I had a break through.

Recently fashion icon and stylist, Diane von Furstenberg came out with a set of glamorous duvet covers. I mean, these are actually amazing and for all ages. From subtle basics to animal prints to modern floral patterns, they are worth the deal. Not only are they completely trendy, but also are incredibly soft, and possibly the comfiest duvets I’ve ever encountered.

I don’t mean to brag but additionally, the colors are so vivid and definitely a must have for this upcoming warm season. From an array of champagne neutrals, magenta, sea green blue (my favorite) and mustard yellows. The options are endless. Walking into Neiman Marcus on a bland day in the winter, I was blown away by the bedding displays. A pink leopard cover, paired with white sheets and a multitude of pillows ranging from mint paisley body pillow, medium sized pink head pillows and then the larger leopard pillows again. By the side, a baby blue tall glass lamp stands elegantly. Gorgeous. 

If you’re into a more contemporary phase, DVF has a retro color block print with a mix of yellow, black, blue and bold red. Take a peak to see how it’s paired! And for those spring lovers, check out these batik floral bed linens

In need for a new duvet in my room at home I bought a coral queen sized duvet with a indigo blue design. I’m in love, really. I hope to match it with a contrast of cobalt blue and mint green array of accessories and paint. If you think about it, you spend a great deal of time in your room (mostly in your bed) so invest in these pieces and enjoy decorating! 

DVF bedding is offered at most department stores, and can also be ordered online, like from Bloomingdales.