One of my favorite kinds of shoes is TOMS. Lets face it though, if you religiously wear Toms, after awhile the cloth starts to rip. Despite how ragged they may be due to time and walking conditions, you can’t gather the strength to get rid of them either. Before you throw them away, putting a simple patch over the hole and customizing them to fit you gives a much needed face lift to shoes that go to a good cause.

You can even customize the shoes with your school colors to show off your spirit. If you are really creative, you can also add some fabric paint to your customized TOMS or even some fringe to dress them up. No matter what you decide to decorate and patch them with, this little DIY goes a long way! 

Step 1: Gather your materials that your going to decorate with such as fabric, fabric glue, scissors and pins
Step 2: Measure and cut your fabric according to the size of the area in which you are patching up
Step 3: Pin hemmed fabric along TOMS stitch lines, and pin the bottom half of fabric along the soles of the shoes. Using fabric chalk, mark along the lines of where to cut remaining fabric
Step 4: Glue fabric along the stitch lines, tuck and pin in place until dry
Step 5: Measure, cut and hem additional patches
Step 6: Glue, tuck and pin in place until dry