Lately, I have found that it is becoming less and less acceptable to wear normal clothes to college parties. In most cases, the party dress code is a ripped up white t-shirt prepared to be painted, highlighted, sharpied, and so on and so forth (you get the idea). There is no right way to create a crazy white t-shirt, but for starters–here is a tutorial to start off with in case you’re stumped on ideas! This is also a great DIY if you are going to dayglow!

1. Get your white t-shirt ready! I cut mine into a v-line at the neck to start off.

2. Cut several slits down both sides of the t-shirt making it look like this. I cut my slits about one and a half inches apart from one another, however, there is no wrong size to cut them; you can alter them later if needed. I decided to cut both sleeves off as well.

3. Now cut the left-over fabric vertically and down the middle so you then have two flaps.

4. Like this.

5. Simply tie the flaps together. Repeat all the way down both sides of the shirt. Double knot them so they stay tied!

6. Voila! You have a perfectly crazy white t-shirt!


Featured Cover Image: from Independent Philly