I’ll just tell you from my personal experience: Dorm rooms are not the cleanest, best smelling place you’ll find on campus. My room last year was located right next to the trash room (yuck!), and all those stinky boys living around me didn’t help much either. Air fresheners and Febreze are a must-have for dorm living, so add that to your shopping list now. Another great alternative are the Flameless Ivory Candles and Flameless Silver Iced Candles from Dormify! 


They’re a great and safe alternative to real candles (which are banned from dorms anyway), but still have that look and wonderful scent of real candles.  It’ll not only provide you with great decoration, but also provide your room with a wonderful vanilla scent. And trust me–when someone down the hall from you is making some weird microwavable TV dinner concoction, you’re going to want these candles to cover the stench.

Of course these candles aren’t just for dorm rooms. I’ll be picking some up for my apartment, so I can set the timer (4, 6, and 8 hour increments) and not have to worry about it later. It’s a wonderful idea for any home environment.  

It’s hard to make a dorm room or apartment, that you may not be living in for long, a place that feels like home, but I think that adding these easy and safe flameless candles provides you with a warm, cozy environment that will be nice to settle down in after a long day of classes. Pick some up while they’re still available and on sale!