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For those of you living under a rock (and not checking your calendars), Memorial Day is coming up this weekend. This holiday honors those admirable men and women who lost their lives while protecting our country. Consider making a donation. Like many American traditions, this holiday has evolved into more than just honoring our commendable war veterans, but rather, it marks the official kickoff to the summer season.

Feel like you need to get in shape before you put on your bathing suit? Here are some things to check out from Shape magazine’s website, before lacing up your sneakers…

Sick of your workout playlist? See what viewers suggested for Shape magazine’s summer playlist

If this weekend isn’t going to be about your beach body, perhaps it will be consumed of one of my personal favorite pastimes—eating! A summer kickoff would not be complete without a good ol’ fashioned American BBQ.

2 salad and 2 dessert recipes that are sure to draw a crowd:



Thank your lucky stars, this weekend marks the socially acceptable starting point to begin wearing white. provides a wonderful guide to 10 white dresses that could make the ideal outfit for this Memorial Day weekend.

Aside from Memorial Day, yesterday marked the end of a talk show era, as Oprah Winfrey broadcasted her last episode. This concluded Oprah’s Farewell Season, which has commemorated 25 years of her multi-million dollar talk show. If you missed her final shows, be sure to check her website.