So, summer is here and you’re already bored. Seems like we are counting down the days until we are “free at last” and now that it is here, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Stylights this week will be focusing on ways to reduce the boredom.

Why not make a bucket list? Regardless of your age, this is a perfect way to create a memorable summer. Feel you are too uncreative to brainstorm the ideal bucket list?  Have no fear—copy some of the items off of Jimmy Fallon’s Bucket List, written in the June 5th edition of Parade magazine.

The first item I would add to that bucket list would be to be selected to live in the Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for 30 days. Applications for this year’s competition will be out by the end of this month, so if I were you, I’d say start devising ways for you to stick out among the crowd! Check out video blogs from last year’s participant, Kate McGroarty. She compares the experience to living in a dorm room (We probably should have sent her some Dormify products!)

If you’re an intern, then you are probably pretty busy; however, your problem may be finding time to exercise. blogger, Rachel Kossman, solves this dilemma with her excellent tips: 10 Ways to Stay Fit At Your Internship.

Of course, whenever I feel that the summer days are beginning to drag on, I begin crafting up new ways to spice up my room. This week, I found some GREAT ways to use your pictures in a tasteful way that is sure to have friends talking about your fabulous décor.

Feature Wall

Photo Cushions

Strip Lampshade

Image Gallery

Window Dressing

Time-Face Clock

Have better ways to keep yourself occupied this summer? Please share your ideas with me and I’ll be sure to post them next week!