The first week of classes are over for me and one of the most interesting things that I came across during the week struck me while I was reading from one of my textbooks.  As a communication major I rarely think about design while I’m doing my work, but this week was a little different.  As I am studying nonverbal communication I came across a whole section in my textbook, Nonverbal Communication: Forms and Functions (Andersen, 2008), that covered how our spaces allow for different things.  It covered how seating arrangements can promote interaction, how light can promote stimulation, and how color theory can change one’s mood.  I drifted off from my reading to thinking about how the spaces I like to do work are arranged and how some places do not allow me to produce much of anything.  

I was shocked to read that orange is unpleasant and hostile because it is my favorite color and when I was younger and had a bright orange room it felt vibrant and definitely not disturbing.  Just recently I was struggling to accomplish anything in my apartment and revamped my bedroom with all new linens and decor.  I went with blue and green which seemed out of character, but something drew me to it.  Now I read that the moods associated with blue are secure, cool, and calm, and with green are pleasant and in control.  I never would have thought about referencing my non-design book about designing my space, but will definitely refer to this chapter again whenever I need a change.  

Andersen, P. A. (2008). Nonverbal communication: Forms and functions (2nd ed.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Publication.