Tulane University Sociology & Jewish Studies major by day and entrepreneur, jewelry designer, philanthropist, social media expert, and friend-of-celebrities by night. This story sounds a little Hannah Montana-esque – However, Kendall Glazer has figured out a way to incorporate her business savvy superstardom into her fabulously normal life without having to sacrifice any of the important college experiences and definitely without having to keep her company Stoney Clover Lane a secret!

Stephanie Hayman: It is so impressive that you and your sister Libby are running your own company while in college! How do you balance the time, friends, classes, and social life? 

Kendall Glazer: This is our third year with SCL so I have been in college the entire time we have had the company, and it’s all I know. Libby (my sister) is a freshman this year, so before it was a little easier since I would handle more of the online projects like our website, twitter account, and PR, while Libby would make the bracelets. Now I’m doing everything out of my house at school and I make time. It doesn’t seem like it’s a job since its what I love to do. My friends are always helping me too, whether it’s making bracelets or giving me ideas.

Dream Foundation?

KG: We found out about the Dream Foundation from an online charity auction the Kardashians were having. I ended up clicking on the DF site and began to read all about what they do and some of the people they have been able to help. I knew right away I somehow wanted to raise some money for them. It was around the same time as we started out and it just turned out to be a perfect fit.

I think that giving any amount of time you can to help people in need is one of the best things you can do. I go to Tulane and after Katrina they introduced a requirement of “service learning” where you have to take 2 classes throughout your 4 years that fulfill a community service requirement. I have taken three classes so far that have this component and have been able to volunteer at 2 schools and a center for people undergoing cancer treatments. People might think while in college it is just too hard to make the time and go help others but it can be fun as well as rewarding. It is so easy to call an organization and find out how you can help out. You can do it with a group of friends and make it into a fun activity you can all do together.


SH: How has social media affected your business? Do you think it is important for college students to be on facebook and twitter?

KG: Yes and Yes! Stoney Clover Lane started when I was 17 and making bracelets with my sister for fun. We ended up giving a few bracelets to Taylor Swift and she wore some of them to a press thing for the Country Music Awards. We posted the picture on our facebooks and people started asking us if they could buy them. This was around the same time that we had found out about Dream Foundation so we figured we could sell the bracelets and raise money for them at the same time. Since we began we have grown tremendously.

I always tell people that if it weren’t for twitter, we would not be anywhere as successful as we are today. When we first started out, before we had a website or a facebook page, we just had twitter. We would sit for hours tweeting pictures and tweeting at celebs telling them to check us out. We ended up finding out about an opportunity at the Teen Choice Awards through twitter and that’s where a lot of our connections were made. We now have over 5,000 followers, which really helps us get the word out. Our collaboration with 90210’s Shenae Grimes started from us literally tweeting her once. The bracelets featured on Khloe Kardashain’s blog and that was because she happened to retweet something we said to her. I think its such an important way for people to stay in touch, and communicate and just to know what’s going on.


SH: What is your favorite hashtag?

KG: Over the summer when we had our pop-up shop we would tag all our tweets #sclpopupshop


SH: In another interview, you mentioned that a lot of the celebrity partnerships happened “by chance.” However, to me, it seems like although you may not have set up formal meetings you pounded the pavement to make sure to get the bracelets get in front of them.

KG: Yeah, a lot of the times it really is just taking the risk and going up to someone, or figuring out a connection with a celebrity and going from there. Once we tell them what we do, and about our connection with Dream Foundation everyone is so willing to help out and support the bracelets. I think just not being afraid to go up to someone has really helped us out. I once went up to Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashain at a restaurant and gave them bracelets, Kris ended up wearing the bracelet the next day to the Super Bowl. So it really is just taking the risk!

We have gotten a ton of celebrities to be involved in SLC this way. It started with Taylor Swift but since then Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Analynne McCord, Shenae Grimes, Tori Spelling, Chase Crawford, and others have all worn the bracelets! We have gotten so many of them to help spread the word about SCL whether it be on twitter or making a youtube video. A lot of the people just end up liking our story and what we have done and are more then happy to help out.


SH: I notice you do a lot of celebrity collaborations. Is it hard when someone you are collaborating with and you have different tastes?

 KG: I haven’t experienced a collaboration yet where we had different tastes, I think that is because everyone we have collaborated with is someone that we appreciate their style and it ends up working well.   I think that compromise is important though. We have had some people request something that we don’t necessarily think would look the best and if we explain that to them and they still want it we will try and work with them to figure something out that would make us both happy. In the end we don’t want to sell anything that we are not proud of, or something that the customer wont be happy with.


SH: Your friends probably look to you for style tips because you have such great taste and you seem like a leader. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

KG: I usually end up just going with what I like.  I read all the fashion magazines and usually like to mix trends in with my favorite essential items. I love to be comfy so almost always I am wearing leggings and a tank top to class. There are definitely people whose style I admire though; I am obsessed with the Olsens, I love Rachel Bilson’s style, and there also a few fashion blogs I read everyday.


SH: Describe your room at school.

KG: I just moved into a house off campus this year so I loved shopping for furniture. I have turquoise side tables, and vanity from a flea market in LA. White bedding with purple and white throw pillows, a white dresser from a thrift store, and a big plastic purple chair. I love to take pictures (I am the “photographer” of my group of friends) so I have pictures all over my room.


SH: How did you decide on Noah Cyrus as the current face of SCL?

KG: We are good friends with Noah! She had designed a few sets in the past. When we went out to LA to do our pop-up shop we had a photoshoot with her for pictures to put in the store, and basically one thing led to another.


SH: It seems like more often than not, with SCL one small thing leads to the next big thing! You and your sister have paved yourselves a very exciting path and journey.


If you are looking for a way to give back, shop Stoney Clover Lane for a cause,  Dream Foundation. Jewelry, Candles and more.