Whenever I read through magazines, I always drool over celebrities fashion. The clothing that they wear is so cute, but so expensive. So, after a lot of searching, I have found a way to find these celebrity looks for less! One of my favorite ways to find pieces similar to the celebrities is to go on websites including Hautelook.com and Ruelala.com. These websites have such cute clothing at a very reasonable price. If I am not able to find the clothing that I want on this website, I turn to Shopstyle.com. Here I know that I will be able to find anything that I am looking for. You can type in keywords like sheer top, and you will find countless results matching your search. Here’s an example of how I found Ashley Tisdale’s style for less!


I found similar cropped ripped white jeans from American Eagle:

As for the top, I was not able to find anything exactly like Ashley’s, but I did find this cute sheer top from Forever 21 that goes well with the jeans:


For shoes, I found these really cute tan wedges from Pacsun:


 This is the perfect outfit for the summer time, and I cannot wait to wear it!