It’s the middle of the night and your phone rings. You reach over to your nightstand to answer your phone and find that your best friend is calling. You have a feeling this can’t be good. The second you answer her call she tearfully says, ” It’s over, he dumped me.” You know she really liked that boy and that this break up is going to be hard on her. This girl is your best friend. You hate to see her hurt. More than anything, you want to fix her broken heart and help her move on. But how do you do that? What could you possibly give her that could make her feel better?


1. Mood Food – Most girls turn to a box of chocolate when love goes wrong. But why not step it up by making a homemade dessert for your friend. Ask her what her favorite dessert is, or make it with her. Baking is relaxing and stress relieving. It could be a perfect way to help her talk about how she’s feeling, or a fun way to help her forget her troubles.


 2. A Girl Power Soundtrack – Lyrics in a song can be very empowering. Burning a CD with songs about break ups and moving on is a perfect way to comfort your BBF (brokenhearted best friend). Whether she is in the car, working out at the gym or sitting at home, she can turn on these tunes to remind herself she is strong and not alone. The singers/songwriters who write and sing these empowering songs have been in the same place too. How do you think Katy Perry wrote “Part of Me”?

Empowering Break up Playlist

1. Goodbye – Kristinia Debarge                                                                                                        

2. Stronger – Britney Spears

3. What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) - Kelly Clarkson

4. Part of Me – Katy Perry

5. I Don’t Miss You at All – Selena Gomez

6. Forget You – Cee Lo

7. I Will Survive – Gloria Caynor

8. Good Girl – Carrie Underwood

9. Wrong Baby Wrong – Martina Mcbride

10. Bye Bye Bye – Nsync

11. All the Single Ladies – Beyonce

12. What the Hell – Avril Lavigne

13. So What – P!nk

14. Mistake – Demi Lovato

15. A Little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans

16. Yes I Am – Demi Lovato


3. Movie Night – In every situation, movies have always been a way for people to escape their everyday problems and enter a new world. A light- hearted comedy about a break up or just any light-hearted chick-flick could be a good way to get your BBF to laugh a little and put her heartache aside. Here are my top five break up movies:

Top Five Break Up Movies

 1. Forgetting Sara Marshall

2. The Break Up

3. He’s Just Not That Into You

4. Eat, pray, love

5. Legally Blonde

*Don’t forget to bring lots of popcorn and your BBF’s favorite candy/soda.


4. Spa Treatment – What every girl needs to do after a break up is pamper herself. What better way to do that than at a spa? You could buy your BBF a spa package at her local spa. It would be a wonderful opportunity for her to relax and take time for herself. A few other spa/beauty gift ideas are an at-home manicure/pedicure or a professional manicure/pedicure. You could also make her a gift basket filled with at-home facials, bubble bath, her favorite fashion magazines and various nail polishes.


5. Quote it, Live it, Love it – Make a scrapbook or a collage with inspirational quotes or inside jokes you and your BBF share. My best friend did this for me, and I still look at her collage when I am having a bad day and need something to lift my spirits. The inside jokes will give your friend a good laugh, and the quotes will make her feel strong and empowered.


6. And last, but certainly not least, Dormify’s “Boyfriends Suck” Break Up Kit – Whether you’re near or far, sending your bestie this fabulous kit will definitely put a smile on her face. The kit includes tissues, chocolate, nail polish and much more. 

No matter which gift you choose to give your brokenhearted friend, make sure you give her a big hug and a shoulder to cry on. It’s amazing how a simple gesture (like a hug) can help someone. Any act of love or compassion is the greatest gift you can give a broken heart.