You got the Bra and the Top, now its time to complete the look with your bottoms! With the Olympics rearing up on July 27, 2012, I want to make sure that you have the best clothes to work out in and cheer for your favorite countries, sports and athletes!

Shorts are great for jogging and running. They allow your legs to breathe and get a tan while you are outside! FOREVER 21 SPORT, Contrast Stripe Athletic Dolphin Shorts, $7.80

Leggings are like the catch-all in the work-out world as well as a must-have staple in your wardrobe! They are great for running, yoga or pretty much everything; not to mention they look flattering on everyone!  GapFit gFast leggings, Gap, $54.95


Yoga pants are great for an activity that requires dancing or … well, doing yoga!! The stretchy material allows the pants to move with you without being as restricting as leggings.  Bootcut Yoga Pant, Victoria’s Secret, $29.50 

Stay tuned, because we can’t forget about the shoes!!