Wow, we have literally gone from top to bottom (Bra, Top and Bottoms) as we gear up for the Olympics. which starts on July 27, 2012!  Now it’s time for the shoes!!  When thinking about your workout footwear, you have to keep in mind what type of physical activity you are doing.


If you are going to be jogging or running, you are going to need a shoe that has cushioning, traction and stability. They should also be lightweight and flexible.  RealFlex Transition, Reebok, $99.98

Electron Dance Sneaker

Whether you are dancing in a studio or with Just Dance on your Wii, your feet need support as you bust a move! You want to make sure that you have traction to stop you from sliding everywhere but also enough give that allows you to spin!  Sansha Electron Dance Sneaker, Discount Dance, $38.95

9291161 Front Large

When practicing yoga, whether it’s on a mat or on the ground, you want to be able to wiggle your toes without any shoes!  Yoga Socks, Gaiam, $9.99 


There’s still one more thing when shooting for the gold medal!! Stay tuned.