The London 2012 Olympics begins on July 27, 2012!  Be sure to root for your country (wherever that is)!  This can definitely get you stoked and psyched to work out.  But even more than the inspiration to work out, I love the gear!  It looks so chic and awesome!  A sports bra is an awesome foundation, but you need to make sure you find one that is right for you. 

If you have a more athletic build on top, you can definitely check out this option from Old Navy!  It shows that you are about your business!  Women’s Padded Sports Bra, Old Navy, $9.99-16.50


If you are average on top,  this Victoria’s Secret mesh bra is for you!  It’s sassy and it provides support.  Victoria’s Secret Mesh Sports Bra, $48.50



If there is more natural wonder in your bra, then you will like the Enell Sports Bra.  It prevents you from having to wear 2 sports bras!  Enell Sports Bra, $64-66


Hopefully this will give you a nice head start to a great work out!