Our gym bag is almost packed! We have our BraTopBottoms and Shoes.  We are almost ready for the Olympics on July 27, 2012! All we need is our gadget assistance!

Skull Earbud Headphones

Headphones are oh-so important.  To push yourself to next level, you need your power song!  Skull Headphones, Dormify, $14.99  

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Sometimes you want to check out how many calories you have sweated out! Or maybe you want to check the quality of your sleep the night before your quest for the gold.  Fitbit, Best Buy, $99.99 

3224081 Front Large 

The scale can be very scary.  Instead of writing every pound lost or gained, you can track it wirelessly with your iPod/iPhone!  iHealth Scale, Best Buy, $69.99

Log food and exercise

When all of your activities on your wireless tracker and scale are completed, you can then document them on an app!  There are apps that allow you to do that as well as track what you put in your tummy!  Lose It, iTunes, Free  

London Olympics 2012 (Xbox 360).Opens in a new window

Why not bring the Olympics into your living room?  On June 26, you can get the London 2012 video game for the Kinect!  You can see if you are ready to take the gold!  London Summer Olympics 2012, Target, $34.03

Now that the gym bag is complete, did we miss anything?