Hopefully my Sports Bra post got you motivated for the summer Olympics, which starts on July 27, 2012! 

Now, most gyms do not let you run around in a sports bra – unless you are taking the sports bra challenge. But either way, here are some awesome items to let you stay in-style while working out!

I am a huge fan of trapeze tops; I feel chic like a dancer!  This top is great for taking an aerobic class like Zumba. But, beware of the flares. They aren’t so ideal for high impact activities or yoga! Dotted Trapeze Racerback Tank, Forever 21, $9.80


Delta Gamma Neon Pink Tank

Basic tank tops are awesome for hot days and hot workouts!  You can definitely show a little style, because your sports bra may peek through the sides and the back of the tank.  Delta Gamma Neon Pink Tank, Dormify, $32


If you are aiming for cute, don’t just go for your college or high school’s tee every time.  You can still wear a T-shirt and be able to breathe as you workout.  EasyTone Short Sleeve Tee, Reebok, $44.99 

Stay tuned for more chic workout separates you can bust a sweat in!