Hi all!

I know we’re all super-psyched that summer is finally here! After a long school year, we finally have some quality time to do the one thing we’ve been longing to do: have some fun in the sun! Whether your summer plans consist of working, traveling or just plain relaxing, one thing you’ll probably do is attend at least one graduation party. Grad parties are some of the highlights of the summer; a time to spend with all your friends and to say your goodbyes before they’re off to college, or the real world! However, the tricky thing about grad parties is making sure you find the perfect gift. If you’re like me, and you’re so over the whole money-and-a-card deal, I have a few suggestions that can make finding the perfect gift a piece of cake!

Remember when your parents always told you that homemade gifts mean the most? Well, they weren’t lying! A homemade gift means a lot, because you can really see the time and effort put into making it. If you’re getting ready to say bye to your BFF, buy a poster board, (the foam board kind works best,) print out 50 of your favorite pictures together, and start cutting and pasting! Every girl needs a nice collage to hang up in her dorm room or apartment. You can even decorate it with some cute stickers or rhinestones when you finish! 

If you’re not into the whole arts and crafts thing, never fear, Dormify is here! Our website has tons of products that are perfect for going away to school or moving into your first apartment. Personally, I love the the Ultimate Dorm Survival Kit. It has everything from band-aids, to book lights, to a ping pong ball! Anything you could possibly need. Dormify also has several other pre-packaged kits you can check out!

Dormify Ultimate Dorm Survival Kit


Jennifer Zeuner Large Swirly Initial Pendant

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, then literally, personalize it! Monogrammed things are so in right now, and so many companies offer personalization on a lot of their products! Some cool ideas of things to personalize could be towel wraps or robes, blankets, make-up bags or even slippers! Check out this home-made, personalized jewelry plate that a fellow style advisor made!

At the end of the day, your friend or family member will appreciate any gift you give them as long as it comes from the heart! I hope these ideas help make the gift-giving process much easier and much more fun! For more ideas, of course, check out www.Dormify.com.

Happy summer everyone!