Graduate School is definitely tough; it like being a teenager all over again.  That’s probably why we go completely BEZEERK when it comes to back to school shopping.  Whether it’s everyday shopping or home decor, here’s some tips that can help you out!

Now that you know how to shop groceries like a grad student, it’s time to select your chic outfits!  You cannot roll out of bed and go to class your PJs as a graduate student.  With classes often times in the evening, longer, and less frequent, you want to make sure that you are making a positive and lasting impression.  To make that type of impression, you don’t have to break the bank.  

Polished Professional


Polished Professional:  Polka dot sheath dress / Lauren Conrad blazer / Lauren Conrad ballet shoes flat / Buckled Canvas Satchel

I am a huge fan of wear flats or comfortable chic shoes on campus because you may have to do a lot of walking from the parking garage to your class.  Dresses are great because in a hot classroom, it definitely gives air!!  The bag is definitely for when you have those light classes.

Denim Chic


Denim ChicH&M sleeveless blouse, $39 / H&M slim jeans, $31 / Loafer / Scarf / McKlein USA Roseville

I absolutely love scarves; they instantly dress up any outfit!  Pairing the scarf and this adorable sleeveless shirt with skinny jeans adds a little of sophistication; you want to balance structured pieces with loose garments, especially if you are round in some areas.  Loafers definitely matures any outfit, but bedazzled ones add some spice!  Because you have having so many materials, including your laptop, a rolling laptop bag is the way to go.  Yes, it doesn’t look as cute as a tote bag, but your back and shoulders will thank you later.

Grad school is awesome place to network for that full time job, so you want to look the part!   Overall, you want to look put-together, like you intentional got dressed.  With some of the pieces that you will have to splurge, just remember that this is an investment!  Success never goes out of style!

Watch out for my next favorite section … SCHOOL SUPPLIES!