Graduate School is definitely tough; it like being a teenager all over again.  That’s probably why we go completely BEZEERK when it comes to back to school shopping.  Whether it’s everyday shopping or school supplies, here’s some tips that can help you out!

my dresser top in my bedroom

Now in my apartment, I absolutely love color and I don’t typically do things like a typical graduate student.  When picking an apartment or deciding to live on campus, make sure the space is furnished.  You are working on your masters/PhD and may not have a steady cash flow.  You don’t want to spend all of your money trying to buy furniture.

When it comes to buying stuff to spice up your place, you want to try to stick to a neutral pallet with pops of color. If you want to change your mind, all you have to do is switch out the pops of color.  Also, when you graduate to an official apartment, you can spend your time and money on buying furniture!  

Like clothes, you are definitely going to splurge a little bit but you don’t have to purchase EVERYTHING at once.  Do a little bit at a time.  My mom had to remind of that!  Buy the big items in the neutral colors, like the duvet cover, and the pillows and decor accessories, get some cute colorful stuff!! Your home is definitely a work in progress!!

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