Graduate School is definitely tough; it like being a teenager all over again.  That’s probably why we go completely BEZEERK when it comes to back to school shopping.  Whether it’s school supplies or home decor, here’s some tips that can help you out!

Groceries, check!  Clothes, check!  Now on to school supplies, my favorite thing in the world!  School supplies can be super exciting!  Every time I walk by the school supply isle, I completely lose my mind!!!  But you don’t have to be a skiddish school girl!  Remember, you are a grad student now!


When it comes to the huge debate binders versus notebooks, I would pick binders in graduate school.  There are a lot more handouts and research and other things in graduate school.  Not to mention, you can reuse it over and over again!  I would get one with sleeves in the outside so that you can slip your syllabus and stuff in there.  Also, loose leaf paper is cheaper than buying a new notebook every year.  (If you are carrying a backpack, it shouldn’t be too much space taken.) 


Now if you have to do a notebook, I recommend something that is sturdy and that you can insert your syllabus and other documents in.  I am not a fan of the binder/notebook hybrids, but I have been a Five Star kid for awhile.  Now with these inserts, they are going to be great for staying organized and easier to recycle the notebook next semester!


Even though I have an iPhone, I take it old school and get a planner every year.  I may forget to write everything in there, but I do feel very safer when I have it around!  Now sometimes your school gives out free planners to their students.   If you don’t like the cover – which in most cases you won’t – you can cover it with your favorite magazine clippings!


Now a good pen, I mean a pen that John Hancock would have used, is going to be a bit of a splurge. Now this is going to show how big of a geek I am, but I absolutely LOVE Papermate Profile pens.  They come in a variety of colors and the write beautifully!  I feel like I could write the story of my life with these pens.  (Sorry I digress,) But these pens are great because if you are like me, your notes and things are color coded and it’s easier to write.

Now that we have what to put in with our laptops, now it’s time to think about how to decorate your home!