Having a Big or a Little is one of the best parts of being in a sorority! It’s a support system, a role model and a best friend! My whole greek “family” is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better Big and my Little is one of my best friends! Now as a junior, I can’t wait to welcome a new baby into the family and be a ‘Grand’ Big (ek, that sounds old)! Not only does getting a Big offer an immediate friendship but it’s a fun process!  The week of Big/Little Reveal is so much fun! You’ll be guessing who your Big is the whole week! Each night your room your given a clue, usually written in a clever poem, and the best part is you’ll receive gifts, after gifts, after gifts! Some of my favorite things that I bought my little for her big celebratory basket that I gave her were picture frames, cups, sun glasses and t-shirts! Though I think some of the most special things in the basket were the things I had made myself! There are plenty of different and very easy crafts out there to make for your Little including bulletin boards, painted quote boards, painted wooden letters, painted frames- the list goes on! The summer before I knew I was getting a Little, I would walk through Hobby Lobby or Michael’s Craft store and fill up a cart with tons of fun crafty things! Here are some great ideas that you can craft for your Little’s Basket!

 1. Quote boards

2. Painted or Sparkled Wooden Letters

3. Wooden Delta Zeta Turtle (your sorority’s animal!)


Soon you will have a whole collection of sorority crafts, just like this! Have fun crafting!