Everyone has experienced the awful moment where they realize all of their stuff is not going to fit into their box, plastic container or suitcase. I’ve been there too.

After hours of experimenting I’ve discovered some space savers that could help you out.

1)   Roll your T-shirts. There are two advantages to this, one being more room of course, the other is that they don’t wrinkle as much. 

2)   Underwear goes in your boots and sneakers. This is a time and room saver. Stuff your boots and then you can pour them out into your underwear drawer.

3)   Keep items in their original packaging. If you just bought dishes, bedding or a shower curtain (for instance) you’ll save much more room if you leave them in their original boxes rather than attempting to re pack them yourself.

4)   Ditch the picture frames. One or two is good, but you probably can’t hang them on your walls (no nails) and you don’t want to waste precious desk space. Consider a collage or a dormify wall decal 

 5)   Reevaluate. You don’t need your high school yearbook, or heavy winter boots in August. Bring items you’ll need right away, and then add extras. Save the space for essentials