Hello Gorgeous!

It’s summer! Ah what a wonderful time of year: the flip flops, pool parties, and sunshine! Now, I’m not going to be the first or last person to tell you to wear sunscreen! Believe me, I know, we’re all trying to get a good tan! But please use at least SPF 15, your skin will thank me later.
As much as we’re all told to wear sunscreen, so many people seem to forget to protect their hair from the sun! I’m a big fan of natural summery highlights, I’m a blonde! But throughout the summer, all of the heat, salt water, chlorine and wind from the convertible can leave your luscious locks feeling dry and damaged. But don’t you worry, I have some tips to keep your hair healthy, strong and soft throughout the entire summer!

For the Beach, Lake or Pool:

1) Tie it up! Screw the mermaid hair, tie up your locks when you go swimming. Keeping your hair in a braid while you’re in the water keeps it tangle-free, avoiding damage from knots and having to brush those suckers out. Look sexy and protect your hair while rocking a fishtail braid!

2) Condition. The first thing I throw into my bag when going to the beach or the pool is a leave-in-conditioner. Both salt water and (especially) chlorine dry the heck out of your hair. Before you go for a dip, work a few pumps or sprays throughout your hair, focusing on the ends, which are most vulnerable to drying out. My personal recommendation is L’oréal EverCréme Nourishing Leave-In Spray. It’s super moisturizing, smells great, and is sulfate free!

3) Protect. If you’re really concerned about protecting your hair, or if your locks are color-treated, invest in a hair sunscreen. These aren’t very hard to find at drug stores, and are really good at protecting your hair and scalp in the sun. Also, you can look for a Protective Summer Oil. Personally, I think they’re way too pricey, and I can’t stand to have oily hair. But really, its up to you!

For Everyday:

1) Limit Heat. This should really be something you should try to do all year long, but especially during the summer. Let your hair air-dry after showers and swimming at all possible times, it’s getting enough heat from the sun alone, give the hairdryer a break. Rock that natural hair, or take the opportunity to try out some no-heat styling tricks. For example, a DIY beachy salt spray!

2) Condition. Whether or not you’re spending every day at the pool, your hair is still exposed to much more heat and sun than any other time of the year. Take the time once a week to treat your hair to a deep-conditioning masque or treatment. And don’t we all love the feeling of super-soft, moisturized hair?

3) Lighten Naturally. There are loads of “Sun-In” type products on the shelves during the summer that claim to highlight your hair in the sun. While many of these products do work, they’re full of chemicals and are really only made for blonde hair. Go natural and squeeze a fresh lemon on your hair! It highlights really well, smells good, and isn’t packed with damaging chemicals. Be careful though, brunettes! Lightening products can really be mean to brown, black, and red hair. And blondes, go for a purple shampoo to combat brassy-tones!

I hope at least one of my tips has helped you! Our hair can really take a beating during the summer, so please protect yours :) Now, I’m ready to hit the pool! Enjoy your summer ladies!