Now that it is halfway through June, summer is definitely here. If you are anything like me, you have spent what there’s been of summer relaxing and…well, that’s about it! I’ve decided that it is time to get to work accomplishing my summer goals. For all of you who are also inspired to accomplish something this summer, I am writing this blog as a “how-to” on creating summer goals.

Throughout the year there are so many things that I tell myself I will do over the summer. Once summertime is actually here, I realize there is no way I can accomplish all of the things I want to. The first step to setting summer goals is being realistic and limiting yourself to only a few goals. Personally, I think three summer goals is a good number. However, depending on the severity of the goal, a different number may be more suitable for you.

The next step to setting summer goals is to pick an area of your life that you want to improve. I pick my goals from 4 main categories: appearance, physical health, mental health and intellectual improvements. For me, these categories summarize all the areas of my life that I might want to improve, but if there is another category you feel is better then you should definitely add it!

To actually set a goal, start by picking one of the categories you feel you need improvement in. Personally, I started with appearance. Then you have to decide what it is you actually want to change. I wanted to tone my arms and legs. Then, setting the goal is easier than you would think. In order to tone my arms and legs, I need to exercise. Therefore, I made my goal to run at least 5 days a week over the summer. It really is that easy!

I picked my next goal by starting in the category of physical health. I realized at school that I rarely drink milk. It is extremely important to consume enough calcium during younger years, because it helps form strong bones and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis later in life. I wanted to consume enough calcium, so I made my summer goal to drink at least one glass of milk everyday. So far I have been successful!

I decided to stick with three summer goals so that way I can actually accomplish them all. The last category I decided to choose from was intellectual improvements. During the school year, I study both Spanish and French. My Spanish is much better than my French, so I wanted to improve my French over the summer. Therefore, I made my goal to study French over summer. This goal is a little broader because it really is up to me to decide how intense I want my review to be.

And there you have it. New summer goals in three easy steps! Every person’s goals are going to be unique to their own lives and what areas they want to improve. Of course, setting summer goals is the easy part. Actually accomplishing them…. not so much. :) Good luck!