I love Instagram, but I often feel at times that my awesome filtered pictures do not have a life outside my iPhone screen.  Now that is not a problem anymore!  There are tons of products and options for people to give their Instagram pictures a life of their own!


Stitchtagram has awesome pillows that you can place in your home or office!  This would be an amazing gift for someone!  :)

Price Range: Varies

Canvaspop allows you to print pictures from Instagram (as well as import from a computer and Facebook) onto canvas.  This will allow you to show off your personality on those boring walls in your dorm!

Price: $75-100


Casetagram lets you display your pictures on your iPhone!  You can brag to all of your friends about your study abroad in Peru without saying a word!

Price: $34.95


Printstagram has tons of options that you can use to make your Instagram memories concrete!  My personal favorites are the stickers and poster!  I feel like you could put these anywhere!

Price: Stickers, $10 & Poster, $25


Stickygram takes your Instagram pictures and makes them into magnets!  Look at your pictures while you are getting a LeanPocket out of the freezer!

Price: $14.99 for 9


What are your favorites?  Do you have any other Instagram products that tickle your fancy?