Ah, Springtime. No matter where you are, even if it is still a little chilly, I’m sure we have all noticed a shift in the season. The skies are bluer, the clouds are fluffier and less ominous, and the birds are chirping. So how do you make your dorm room, and yourself, match the over-all light feeling of spring? Here are a few quick tips the help out. As far as decorating goes, flowers do the best job of this. Don’t bother with fresh flowers, they are expensive and temporary. Instead, head to a local craft store and stock up on falsies! Most of the time they look just as pretty as real ones, and you don’t have to worry about watering them! Another bonus: they come in pretty much any color to match your dorm room style. Pretty vases with clear pebbles add to the look, but another cute way to display is to tie them with a big light colored bow and set them somewhere out of the way but still visible. (Tip: when your fake flowers get dusty, put them in the dishwasher!)

¬†Another cute and easy idea, is to add a flowery and colorful wreath to your front door. Than, people can see how stylish you are without even going inside! Here is a cute and cheap one that doesn’t take long to make.If you don’t really have a place to display flowers, these hanging from the curtain rods would make a pretty addition.

Now, we’ll move into how to make your own style springy and light! Boot season is officially over in most places (sad, I know) but that doesn’t mean that you are restricted to boring flip-flops. Ballet flats, when they are done right, can be a great addition to any outfit. Many come with little embellishments, but if not it is really easy to add your own. (Hot glue guns can be your best friend) A personal favorite of mine are moccasins. They add a fun tribal look to your outfit without looking too heavy. I think moccasins are a closet staple. Pretty strappy sandals are also always good, and fairly cheap! As far as heels go, I think that wedges match the casual feel of spring time. For an overall springy look, stick to flowey fabrics with pastels or bright colors. Avoid intense fall-looking colors (auburn, burgundy, etc.) and avoid heavy prints. Floral print for spring is a bit cliche, but when done right it can look really good. Have fun with it!!