Often times your major in college is a reflection of your passions- as are the decorations in your dorm room. Inevitably, there will be at least a poster or two hung from your room reflective of your studies! My own major is French Language and Literature, which is more than obvious when one walks into my room. Below is a mix of items I own, and a wishlist of décor that would perfect for my room, inspired by my major.

The one poster that I always get compliments on is of the Eiffel Tower, bien sûr! It is on my ceiling above my bed and looks as if I am standing under the Eiffel Tower and studying abroad in my own room.

I gaze at the ceiling from a beautiful Damask bed spread. It’s so colorful and à la mode. 

This photo holder will be a nice addition to any coffee table or desk. 

These vintage book boxes that are displayed on my desk will make me look cultured (even though no words are hidden within the hallow “pages”).

More fake antique books can be posted on the walls, for an intellectual air, with these bookshelf decals.

This wall decal doubles as a checklist of places to visit when in France.



For fine dining there are these cute bowls and knives for cutting French cheeses!

For storage purposes, these antique-esque trunks and bins will keep your junk hidden with Parisian style. 

 What is the City of Lights without any lights? This lamp is more than just practical but cute and unique as well. This floor lantern exudes light and french vibes alike.

I can check my beret before I leave my room in this adorable Fleur de Lis Mirror


For more ideas check out this Pinterest Board.