It’s safe to say monograms are in style. The iconic preppy symbols can be found on basically anything! From water bottles to hats and from sunglasses to cell phone cases, monograms are everywhere! Inspired by this classic trend, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite monogrammed items to share that I personally own or can’t wait to purchase this summer.

1. Classic Necklace

While not new to the scene, these classic monogram necklaces are definitely in style for summer. Whether they are paired with a sundress or jeans and a T-shirt, monogram necklaces add a preppy touch to any outfit. The necklaces above can be found at Moon and Lola and are not only adorable but affordable!

2. Hats

I stumbled upon this monogrammed baseball hat a few weeks ago while browsing on Pinterest. I have always been a girl who loves to throw my hair up in a pony tail and put a ball hat on, so I knew this find was perfect for me. I love how it incorporates both casual and glamorous, and I could see myself wearing this to class on any given day. This hat can be personalized not only with your initials but with over 30 plus colors. Find it here at Etsy.

 3. Envelope Clutch

I have fallen in love with the clutches pictured above. As a fan of the clutch, I was elated to see that you can now add a personal touch to it with your monogram. These clutches are great for a night on the town or just going out to lunch with your friends. The clutches above can be purchased at Tiny Tulip, which also carries tons of other great monogrammed items.

4. Phone Cases


Lipstick Shades is a great monogram website I found a few months ago. I ordered a phone case with them, like the one pictured above, and couldn’t have been more satisfied. Lipstick shades also carries cases for your kindle, iPod, blackberry and even otter boxes for those of us who are accident prone. Their prices are reasonable, but the joy you’ll receive from carrying around your new adorable phone case is priceless.